I am intrigued with the notion of the black swan; an unexpected event that is a disruptive force that changes business as usual. Give this blog a read for one author’s take on Seven black swans for education in 2012.


YouTube – E-learning tips

I have long admired the work of Stephen Downes, and here he has created a short viedo on a variety of activities you can complete using web 2.0 tools  in ten minutes (or so). some new ideas for me here, and now I need to check out some of the references in the video. But somehow things like this NEVER take me 10 minutes!

I thought I would quickly go in and edit the rss feed on my twitter account to that it was accurately displaying both my tweets and those of the people I am following. For some reason, twitter is not giving me that feed without asking for authentication. I get a pop-up asking for my user name and password and it keeps on asking me for my user name and password in the same little pop-up window, ad infinitum. Even tryin g to cancel the intended action takes a couple of times. So I have given up (at least temporarily), and am just showing the last three tweets that only I have written, as opposed to the combined list of tweets from me and those who I am following. Bummer. But mostly right now I am starved, having been lying in bed on a Sunday morning for two hours now. breakfast time.

BTW, if anyone reading this has suggestions for what I need to do to get a Twitter feed for the me and the friends I am following, please let me know. Grazie.